Luck defined...!!!

Most of us have one or the other time have surely come up with the thought that "The incident might have happened to me because its in my luck...". I won't deny that I too have thought about it many times...But have you thought what's exactly this luck is...??? How will you define it...??? I guess I got some definition to define luck in my own way from my past experiences and observations that... "Luck is nothing but just to be on the right place at the right time with right opportunity and the ability to exploit it properly..." I know I've covered almost everything in the above sentence...but that's what i have for now... :P But just try to notice that its nothing more than that...BTW this definition appears to be for those who don't believe on luck but like to define their own destiny... ;) BTW if you have your own definition then please share might be helpful to someone... :) cya...


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