Sikhs who made us PROUD...!!!

It has been 300 years when the Sikhs were being formed by one of the 10 Gurus of Sikh History, Guru Gobind Singh. But Sikhs now-a-days are forgetting the sacrifices made by the Sikhs to the Sikh religion which dates for about more than 400 years. These days it has been observed that a large number of Sikhs have been shaving or trimming their beards and head which has been given to us as a symbol of our Religion, our IDENTIFICATION by our GURU. It really hurts everytime we see a person who was sikh earlier has shaved his head just for the sake of fashion. This trend has mainly been observed in Punjab, which is considered as the state especially for Sikhs. However, there are still some Sikhs who have made their Religion and their community feel proud a large number of time. If we move on to the field of Literature, 1) Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the only Guru of any religion who has written his autobiography..."Sri DASAM GRANTH SAHIB", which many of us have not even read once. (some of my fellow Sikhs might say that he was GURU, then i have some other examples from present world too...) 2) Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha (Today is his birthday...) Here's a List of some of the main Padma Awardees...although the list is endless, but I've some of them for you... 1) Bhai Veer Singh (Padma Bhushan-1956 and Sahitya Academy Award-1955) 2) Bhai Ganda Singh (Padma Bhushan-1983) 3) Bhagat Puran Singh (Padma Shri-1979) 4) Dr. Khem Singh (Padma Bhushan) 5) Lt. General Joginder Singh Dhillon (Padma Bhushan-1965) and now some of the Sikhs, who won Param Veer Chakra... 1) Lance Naik Karam Singh 2) Subedar Joginder Singh Sahnan 3) Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon(only IAF to get) 4) Naib Subedar Bana Singh So its a general appeal from my side to all of my Sikh friends that they should rethink that who they actually are...??? cya...


  1. Bhai i deeply respect ur feelings n support it too.. But i would like to add 1 thing, that everyone dont get haircut for fashion, there are many situations in their life which make them take up this undesired step like riots, rascism.. The 84 tragedy is one of common reason.. Now they have got use to of it so ppl dnt see their pains n think its fashion.. Sorry, once again if my comment hurted your feelings..

  2. @AK...I don't think that there are many left from 84 tragedy who got haircut to save themselves and for those who r left, I just want to ask u on their behalf that how many made their next generation as sikh...???

  3. May be 84 survivors r nt much but racism is still there in the world.. N i m nt denyng ur statement i support it too but not completely..:-)


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