5 Gems in just 58 Days...!!!

I'm sure many of you have not noticed it and I'm also quite sure that some of you won't be able to believe that we've lost 5 most important personalities of the world in such a short period...to be more precise...the count is 5 in 58 days...They are such a beautiful gifts and gems to the whole world that nothing in this world can compensate their loss... Here are they, in the chronological order of their deaths... 1) Shammi Kapoor(14th August 2011): One of the most famous Indian Actors and the winner of 5 different Lifetime Achievement Awards and Phalke Legend Actor Award winner. 2) Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi(22nd September 2011): The Last Nawab of India, former captain of Indian Cricket Team and Padma Shri Award winner. 3) Steve Jobs(5th October 2011): Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple. He has won so many awards that they cannot be listed here and also none of them can be ignored. If you want to have a look at them, click here. 4) Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie(8th October 2011): American Scientist and Developer of C language, the very first computer programming language that people learn till today. 5) Jagjit Singh(10th October 2011): The most famous GHAZAL MAESTRO of the era and Padma Bhushan Award winner. He gave us some of the best ghazals of all time. My favorite one was: Gulshan ki Faqat Phoolon se nahin Katon se bhi zeenat hoti hai... May GOD bless them...They will always be remembered for their contribution to the world...may all of them R.I.P. good bye... :)


  1. Public demand par akhir apne shradhanjali arpan kr hi di blog par.. Dhanyawad..

  2. bahut saare ho gaye the...1-2 hote to shyd ignore kiya ja sakta tha...but 5 are too much... :(

  3. Sad demise of these five would be great loss for mankind. You reminded them in a cool way. Let's pray for their rest in peace.


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