You're Over-Qualified, hence REJECTED..!!!

Yesterday a similar situation occurred in our college when Accenture came for the ON-CAMPUS Placement of the final year students. Everyone knew Accenture as a mass recruiter company but this year only 12 hours before the written we came to know that it has increased the level of written and PI and won't be taking students in a large number. We were like its you can't do anything, just do the exam properly, have faith in HIM and wait for the results. Anyways in the morning, our written went quiet well and we're quiet sure that in any case, no matter how high the cutoff maybe, we're through to the next round, i.e., PI. However, when the results came, we came to knew that we're not selected and when we scrolled down the names who were selected, we even found the names of some those people who said that "we won't get selected if the cutoff is more than 50%". When I later discussed with my friends that what mistakes we might have done in the paper, then we came to know that the company had 2 cut-offs...namely... 1) UPPER CUT-OFF: Those who secured marks more than a particular limit then you're not selected. Also those who have attempted all the questions correctly in any one of the three sections, like I was 25/25 in LR, then also you're Rejected. Actually they consider that of you have attempted all of them correctly, then you've cheated(that's what we're told) but actually the main thing is they have an insecurity that the candidate might leave their company, as he's already so much qualified that he has attempted all of them correctly. :P 2) LOWER CUT-OFF: I guess you already know this, you've to score marks more than a particular limit. So, moral is, companies won't select you if you're OVER-QUALIFIED. PS: I was over-qualified, were you? :P all d bst...cya... :)


  1. Company doesn't rejected you.. Infact their standard was not so that they can recruit u..

  2. Dude almost same thing happened to me in TCS.
    Our college took one test before the actual recruitment and based on that, the weaker lot were given the answers before the actual paper.
    Plus we, supposedly the better lot were asked to give the test first and the questions which we faced were again taught to the students of the later weaker lots.Needless to say...couldn't qualify the written even.

    This happens mainly of two reasons.
    1) Mass Recruiting Companies (like TCS, Infosys or Accenture) not wanting too good a candidate who would get better opportunities, say after a year and leave them (because lets accept it...all they need are servants and typists to copy the codes).
    2) College(such as ours) wanting the weaker ones to get placed in the Campus drives because they know that the better ones are good enough to make it through in pool campus drives also.


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