That was the best journey I had...!!!

Some trips become memorable to us in such a way that u can never forget them. I don't know how but today I recalled of a trip that I made a long time ago, I guess it was more than 7-8 years. I don't remember the exact details, but it was a trip from Agra to Kanpur and we boarded the train in the morning. Obviously, we're expecting it to be a normal journey, but we met a group of college students who were forced to wake up early in the morning(at about 8am...obviously it was too early for any college student) due to us as we're also in the same compartment as them. But soon, we all became friends and played games, singing songs and doing all such stupid stuff. Actually one of them had his birthday and most probably the next day was the NEW YEAR(that's what I remember), that made the journey more fun. I don't remember anything in detail about that journey, as its been a long time and at that time I was just a kid, but I remember the most important thing, that it was the best journey of my life till now and I enjoyed it to the fullest... ;) cya...


  1. :) :) yeah i remember that, though faintly..some images are flashing in mind but none so clear :(
    but you r right.. we really enjoyed !!


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