Pablo Picasso - Reverse Engineered or maybe Re-Engineered...!!!

Modern art has always been one of the most famous form of painting, as it can be interpreted by anyone in anyway-that's what I think about it, and no doubt about it that I'm also very fond of it, but obviously I won't deny that I've already made fun of it before in my earlier post related to Pablo Picasso and his painting...ummm...but no apologies for it...that's how I interpreted it... ;) By the way, I got this image which really made me wonder that in optics if two opposites lenses can again make the image straight, then why can't we think similarly in case of modern art painters like Pablo Picasso... :P Courtesy: Abstruse Goose PS: You must be thinking why did I titled this post using the word "Engineered", and I think that I must make it clear that after all I'm an engineer and an engineer's brain works using these terminologies... :D PS: especially for Picasso Lover's...Sorry guys, couldn't help, it was worth sharing... ;) cya... :)


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