He did that at 100, can you do that at 20...???

Well, how many of you, especially those who're in 20-30 year age group, are comfortable, if asked to run for quite a distance, say for 10 km race...??? If yes, then imagine yourself running the same distance at the age 100. Obviously many of you might be thinking that you won't be alive to celebrate your 100th birthday, then how can I ask you to participate in a race, isn't it...??? Anyways, lemme tell you, there's a guy who completed full marathon, 42.195 km, at the age of 100years 6months and 15days, he is Sardar Fauja Singh, the Guinness World Record holder for oldest marathon runner and the one with the fastest time among the people of 90+ age group with 5hours and 40minutes. Here are his world records(all of them for age 100 and above): 1) Fastest 100 meters, 2) Fastest 200 meters, 3) Fastest 400 meters, 4) Fastest 800 meters, 5) Fastest 1500 meters, 6) Fastest 1 mile, 7) Fastest 3000 meters, 8) Fastest 5000 meters, 9) Fastest 10000 meters, 10) Fastest MARATHON(for both 90+ and 100+ age group) I once mentioned quite a few names of Sikhs in one of my earlier posts, who have made us proud at different points of time in different areas. Undoubtedly, his name should be added on top of the list. He has done something, that very few or maybe none of us would ever give a thought for attempting it. OK, so after knowing everything...I'll again ask you the same thing... He did that at 100, can you do that at 20...??? PS: In the whole post, I've been asking you, but I'll like to make it clear that right now, I'm in the category who won't even plan to attempt it. Dunno, maybe sometime in the future, he inspires me and I attempt to run, but right now, I'm out of it... :) cya...


  1. I doubt his name has entered in guiness coz few days back news was their that those people not agreeing on his age and want original birth certificate as age proof.. Passport not working for them.. N during birth of fauja singh systm of birth certificate is not there so there are still some obligations regarding it.. Wait till next edition.. Anyways its proud moment for every sikh.. Not only sikh but for whole nation INDIA..

  2. N yes i did it in 20 what he did in 100 at chennai marathon.. N if i live till 100 will surely try to do..:-)

  3. @AK...to be more precise...i was talking about the world record...I guess u didn't made that... ;)

    as far as the issue of age confirmation...we can ignore that...as still his time is far better than others...

  4. Rabb di meher rhi ta oh v ik din zarur banunga.. Jst w8 for the ryt tym..

  5. I think I would wait till I get 100 on my age card. Till then, let him have all those records :P

  6. @apoyando...hope you break his record...I always like to see the records being broken, doesn't matter whether its by me or by someone else...all the best...i'll try to be there when u'll be breaking ur record...;)


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