Gone With The Wind...A TRUE MASTERPIECE...!!!

Last week I completed with another book and couldn't help but mentioning it here as for me it was truly a MASTERPIECE. Obviously, for past 6 months I've been busy in a couple of tasks, so couldn't devote a proper time to read and after finishing it I realized that it took me almost 6 months to complete the novel. The novel covers the story of a young girl(Scarlett), who wants to live her dream as she wants to, without anyone else's intervention and wants to have anything she wanted(and all of this in the times when the whole society was dominated by men, and any wrong deed by any women is considered as evil and no one will respect you...). Margaret Mitchell(the author) has so beautifully shown that the inner self(especially the evil part) of some people never dies no matter how many worse condition he/she has to face in life by the example of "Scarlett O'Hara". And obviously, how can I forget the character of "Captain Rhett Butler", and most importantly the beautiful and true lines for a character like Scarlett in the last few pages(really touching)...I loved it the most... :) PS: Guys...its a must read...please do try it some time, if u get a chance. PS: and please don't stop reading if u find it slow(infact very slow) in the beginning...by the time you'll reach its end, you'll surely love it... cya... :)


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