DOHAS(Rhyming Couplets)...No Serious/Religious Stuff...!!! ;)

Disclaimer: I've written in the title also, I'm warning you again...if you're here for some religious stuff, then don't move ahead... :P

Trend of writing Dohas(rhyming couplets) is no more found, but someone tried to bring them back to life in a comic way, called "हास्य रस" them...u'll love them for sure...

१) कर्जा देता मित्र को, वो मूरख कहलाये
    महामूर्ख वो यार है, जो पैसे लौटाए ।

२) बिना जुर्म के पिटेगा, समझाया था तोये
    पंगा ले कर पुलिस से, साबित बचा न कोए ।

३)  गुरु पुलिस दोऊ खड़े, काके लागू पाए
     तभी पुलिस ने गुरु के, पाँव दिए तुड्वाए ।

४) पूर्ण सफलता के लिए, दो चीजें रख याद
    मंत्री की चमचागिरी, पुलिस का आशीर्वाद ।

५) नेता को कहता गधा, शरम न तुझको आये
    कहीं गधा इस बात का, बुरा मान न जाए ।

६) बूढ़ा बोला वीर रस, मुझसे पढ़ा न जाए
    कहीं दांत का सैट ही, नीचे न गिर जाए ।

७) हुल्लढ़ खैनी खाइए, इससे खांसी होए
    फिर उस घर में रात को, चोर घुसे न कोए ।

८) हुल्लढ़ काले रंग पर, रंग चढ़े न कोए
    लक्स लगा कर कांबली, तेंदुलकर न होए ।

९) बुरे समय को देख कर, गंजे तू क्यूँ रोये
    किसी भी हालत में तेरा, बाल न बांका कोए ।

१०) दोहों को स्वीकारिये, या दीजे ठुकराए
      जैसे मुझसे बन पड़े, मैंने दिए बनाये ।

PS: who-so-ever wrote this...awesome work man...loved it... :)


  1. nice...made me smile.. so what if I took like forever to read!!! these are brilliant.

    Once again you made me smile:)))

  2. i am terribly sad, mujhe HINDI nahi maalum hai :(
    sad for commenting without understanding what it is...
    But by reading comments, it must be funny.
    So here i am HEY IT IS DAMN FUNNY SARAB :D

    1. :D tried checking it on Google translator as well.. was horrible :D rotfl.. funnier than the original post. Must read for everyone.

    2. sorry Deepak...actually such type of stuff loose its charm if translated in other language... :P
      well u can try the google will be not the original one...but its something more torturous... :P

  3. Good sharing... :D
    Humor is best when spread...

    1. I completely agree with u barun...and its the best thing if people like them...thanks... :)

  4. Good ones :) :)
    Kahan se liye? Seems 7th and 8th are Hullad Moradabadi's composition.

    1. yaar found it on the net...just shared them...dunno who's the author... :O

  5. HE he he .. loved them all .. no taking panga with police and especially with Punjab police ...

    well kambli can try using lux cant he :)

    made me laugh


    1. seriously panga's with police... :P

  6. Good fun, enjoyed reading these. Hope you can revive the tradition of dohas :)

    1. Thanks manpreet...if you say so...I'll will definitely give it a try... ;)

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