Top 3 Indian Entertainment Channels...!!!

In today's world life is so much occupied with work and tension that everyone needs some entertainment and relaxation...and at the same time, when we are not on our work, we have to be updated with what's going on in this world...

But how on earth anyone can manage both these things when we don't even have enough time to have a proper nap of 6hours...???

Anyways...the solution is here...INDIAN NEWS CHANNELS... ;)

If you're surprised...and want to know..."Why is it so"...???

Then...lemme start with the most common, most famous and the best entertainment channel...ooppsss I meant NEWS channel... :P

1) INDIA TV: I think the name is really enough... :P

For those who want some more proves that why its the best Indian entertainment channel...look at it... ;)

The love story of a Tiger...

If you're still not satisfied with the name...then...ummm...OK...India TV is a news channel... ;) everyone wants some we have some other fun channels too...

Here are two main competitors of the legendary India TV(with examples):
2) Star News

3) Aaj Tak

PS: so from now on...don't think you can't enjoy and watch news at the same, actually whenever you're watching some Indian news channel, then you're doing it... ;)

PS: @aaj-tak, @star're way behind all the best... ;)


    It is pretty tough you know
    There are TIMES NOW,cnn ibn :P :P--Dee..

    1. competitors...didn't knew that... :P

  2. well there are lots of channel .. but for me when it comes to entertainment i ll go for sports channel :)

    1. hehe...its good that you are never diverted by those tempting news from those frustrating channels... ;)

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.............. true! so true!!!

  4. lol.. yeah, apart from some of the sane news channels, everyone else is crazy!

    this reminds me of the scene from "mumbai meri jaan" where soha ali khan's newsreporter character's personal tragedy is sensationalised by her colleagues themselves for the sake of TRPs. unfortunately, this sort of thing is way too normal now. remember how the bhanwari tape was broadcast by (was it ptc?)a channel?

    1. @raphael...u r right...and similar was the case of "Peepli Live" too... :)

  5. I dont get many channels here , but there is one called star news or something like that , that is a comedy show for sure , they repeat the news a hundred times every 15 minutes ..

    and the discussions they have, like the other day it ws hilarious watching some great cricketers of their time talking about that ONE ball that was left in the over in the recent match and saying the sme thing again and again I jsut laughed

    I dont beleive how these channels are working


    1. @Bikram...That's still an unsolved mystery... :P

  6. I don't have a TV. Got rid of it when it started to rule my children's life. But I do watch news and few programs on net.

    1. you did it right Farila...I also feel that its necessary that children should stay away from TV and computer games...
      and also you got escaped from the mind-blowing(I mean it literally) channels...congratulations for that... :P

  7. Good one ! :)
    I always think news channels are the most entertaining channels on Indian television...sp. at election time :)

  8. India TV rocks! National heritage channel!

  9. ahahhaha! Aaj Tak is classic! there are loads of other shitty news channels as well!

  10. This is so funny!!!!!
    India TV is the shizzz!! :P :P

    Keep blogging! Every post is amazing

    P Subbu's Mind crap.

  11. hahahha ... So funny ..
    especially AAj tak pic : "jhjee pe billo rani "
    i read some post of your's .. i w'll try to comment ..keep writing.. .
    I Love your blog :)

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