Creativity needs time. Nurture it, Don't murder it - Part 2

Few days back I wrote a blog-post about Indian system of educating and where, when and how the creativity of a kid dies. For those who missed it, here is the link: Creativity needs time. Nurture it, Don't murder it...!!!

Today actually for the second time I came across a video about the education system of Finland and why it is best in the world.

I was so much tempted to share it here, one for the personal record so that I don't miss it in future (when needed) and second to motivate few more for the brain drain :)

Yes, I know now many of you will start arguing and telling me that I'm anti-national, so be it. I'm just quoting the truth and I don't care what you guys think.

As I said in my last post, let the kid decide what he/she wants to do and not the parents. As parents and teachers, we have to just expose them to all the available options since day-1 of their education. By God's grace, they have a sufficient brain of theirs. Only thing they don't have is exposure to what all is there in the world. However, instead of giving exposure what we give them is a fixed direction and make them walk on it. By the time they realize what they have been made to do it becomes too late.

Anyway, coming back to Finland's education system. They allow kids to explore everything on themselves since day-1 and that's why they have proved themselves to be the best in the world. No homework to kids, might feel objectionable to many. Then again, least number of school days and school hours. Again objectionable, right? Forget everything, most of the time kids just play at school with the facilities provided in the campus. Yes, just play, but they are being exposed to every single thing and they end up figuring out right stuff for themselves, smart, isn't it? I know many Indian Parents who, if reading this post, will either start cursing me or at least would stop reading this thinking that I've gone mad. For those parents I've nothing to say. I've already said enough. I'd only like to ask them to think about it again, that's it.


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