Some write poetry.
Others inspire poetry.
Once in a lifetime though you will meet the one person who is poetry. 

(For those who say poetry is not their cup of tea: By poetry, I mean, it doesn't have to rhyme, it just have to touch someone where your hands couldn't.)

The above lines are not mine but I couldn't help sharing. Once in a blue-moon we meet a person who give you a feeling of meeting someone with whom your frequency matches. They are someone who truly understands you. They know how to handle you in your different moods. Just by some random replies of yours they know something is off with you. They'll just simply know it. Time spent with them just flies by; gives a feeling like only a few moments have been spent with them. Those moments feels like a poetry. You just simply rhyme with them. You feel like you can spend a lifetime with those pals talking or sitting idle. But you never know what life has planned for you ahead. Sometimes you really get lucky and get to spend time with them and sometimes life really tests you by driving them away from you due to one reason or the other, testing you and your patience.

Then there are few tough moments when you just simply wish that you had those pals of yours around you. Sometimes just not to talk to, maybe just to sit idle because the level of comfort you achieve when they're around you is something you never get. Maybe I'll rephrase it to the positive aura you get around them is something you never get around anyone else. You know they'll understand you and won't ask you questions. They may just simply play a random music or start a random topic to deviate your mind of the things. Sometimes just seeing those faces or getting a moment with them cheers you up for the entire day. Those are the people who are truly your soulmate. No matter how much trouble you have, you may not discuss your problems with them but you'll always end up calling or pinging them on chat. Somehow, just by your first ping, they'll know what your mood is right at that moment. To some it all: "Soulmates are beings with whom you end up rhyming".

Luckily I too have a handful of them. 

PS: A word of advice, no matter how hard life be on you or no matter how hard they be on you, try to never loose them.
PPS:  It's a random scribble dedicated to few of those handful of them.

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