The Grave Gravity...!!!

The grave gravity,
No one understands you.
And until the situation turns blue,
People don't realize you. 

(Being a science freak, it becomes mandatory to mention Einstein, right? :P )

An attempt to draw the great Einstein using Dot-Rendering...!!!

School teachers declared Albert Einstein insane,
And the whole world declared him a retard.
Later that retard lad gave a theory,
And now to understand that theory people are ready to give rewards.

Although Newton realized gravity,
Only after apple fell.
Later Einstein's theory defied it saying it's space-time continuum,
But how everything is interwoven continuum, it took 100 years before anyone could tell.

(Many times we underestimate kids, the best example for why we shouldn't do that)

Youngsters fall in love,
Get married.
After marriage they realize,
The big mistake they did when in love they got carried.

(okay so coming to a serious note, when we don't understand gravity of the situation)

We drive like crazy, 
We even cause accidents on roads.
We never understand the safety,
Until someone very close dies while ignoring traffic lights and sign boards.
Selfish humans, we never look at the other side of the coin,
Until too late, we never realize things seriously.
We screw up things in life,
Expecting others to reciprocate passionately.

We ignore them like anything,
When life gives us chances.
Instead of complaining for things,
Why don't we notice and react on subtle signs of nuances?

My only appeal to you is to understand the gravity,
When it is in it's raw form.
Before life looses it's brevity,
And becomes a storm.


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