My 2nd birthday...haha - 1

Aaahhhh...!!!! don't confuse yaar....i'm talking about my 2nd birthday in the college..... started of very painfully.....with lots of hits on my back....really very painful yaar.....leave it dat was very painful..... Unfortunately, I had my lecture all day and lab test for electrical machines and instruments the very next i didn't enjoyed a lot but still the day was much more than the expected under such conditions.....haha..... The day started of with EMI lecture, and there our lecturer wished me for my birthday....I don't know how he is able to know this that its my birthday...actually nobody knows this....that was the biggest surprise till that time for me....Two of them are more to come, and they were much more greater than about that later in my further posts..... The day went past slowly and then in the evening it was party time.....Cake and bumps gave a great combination.....the day went very well.....


  1. happy borthday once again..keep enjoying..

  2. That was great. Yes friends at college have their own style of wishing, not realising that they are in fact shaking the bones of the receiver of the heavy thump on one's back. But since it is your day, you have to receive all kinds of wishes.

    I had my birthday on 28th August and i have been recently ransfered here. In this office one's birthday is dispalyed on the office lntranet sight and every one comes to know about it and they all wish you either on phone or on mail or come personally to your cabin. Out of total strength of about nine hudred staff at least fifty / sixty come to your cabin, so you have to keep some mithayee ready to offer them a sweet each.

  3. @deep...thanx...

    @balvinder singh...
    I agree, dats one of the biggest problem one faces on such days....The most common statement heard on such occasions are...

    "Happy birthday...where's the treat??? Muh bhi nhi meetha karaoge kya???"..haha...


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