No Dream too big...neither they r too small...!!!

If you don't dream, then how will you know what you want to accomplish..........But day dreaming is bad..dream only at night, that will be much better.... Today was the first robotics introductory class for the first year......and my seniors were conducting lectures for them.....A huge number of them came there to attend the same, like we did last year..haha...I remembered my own time when me and my friends appeared in large number to attend the robotics workshop. We started with a lot of big dreams but very few of us remained in the robotics continuing with their work. We dreamt of making big bots and started with small once. However luck never supported us and we never ever won any consolation prize either, once the power supply failed, the very other time we were out just before the last round.....No matter we are still dreaming about that, and hope that someday i get the success in what i have dreamt off.....However i'm still happy that atleast i learnt something new....something innovative and creative..... Hope that my juniors get success in it...atleast those who are sincerely devoting their time in it....and please......GOD BLESS ME.......haha I just wrote this post because today i remembered my own time when started with my robotics......:)


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