Why life plays so many games with us?????

Everything was going as it should be.......then suddenly something happens and everything changes in our life.......some of these changes are acceptable and but some are not...somehow or the other we try to undo these changes but most of them are imposed on us, Why?????? Nobody knows the answer, many can interpret it in different ways, but the exact answer will never be obtained.....some satisfying answer that one gets is "Its the rule of life...we just have to face it, and so nothing can be done..." or "Anyone can decide their luck on their own...you can also do it...don't loose hope...just keep going..." But these answers rarely help...sometimes you are left alone when you are in need of someone - sometimes due to such circumstances, or sometimes due to misunderstandings. Many of the other times you are stuck in some difficult situations and not able to get its solution, and you can't even share your problem with not even to your close one's...this is the time when man realizes that he is nowhere in this world, and one is left totally dodged by the life in its own game..... Such circumstances keep coming in our life, sometimes with a huge impact, and sometimes they come silently and go silently without effecting us much.....However, they will always remain hard to tackle.....and always have some impact on us, they can't be neglected.....


  1. hey.. that is all part of life..relax and face them..

  2. CYNOSURE, that is where the invisible hand comes out and holds your hand. If HE brings you to some difficult situation, HE will also ensure to take you through it. And i am speaking from experience.

  3. @deep...yaa dats wat i have learnt and tryng 2 do....thnx....

  4. @Balvinder Singh...

    Thanks a lot.....i got my answer in your comment....since a long time i was stuck in the situation i can't explain.....thanks a lot once again.....


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