My 2nd birthday...haha - 3

This time it was something different.....Actually, as my birthday lies in September, so most of the time we had internal exams(in school) or such sort of stuff, so i never celebrated my birthday properly except for a couple of times....maybe for the last three years or so..not more than that, (as much as i remember)......And what was about to happen on this day, i had never imagined such beautiful birthday, atleast till date...don't know about the future......... But this time it was about to be something special, and i didn't knew that.....Everything that took place was normal until it was in the lunch time that day, when my friend Purnendu Chaturvedi handed over to me a Birthday Card which was sealed.....When I read on the envelope, it was a total surprise for me....It was from my sister, DEEP..and it reached to me traveling a long distance right away from Pune.....this was really a surprise package for me....thanks a lot sis....I'll remember this for ever..... This was not all it was about to finish....there's one more surprise waiting for me.....Actually, the very next day, i had my viva for EMI, and next morning when i woke up and switched on my laptop to study(we were not referred to any book, so we study through different e-books) suddenly a pop-up of g-talk window came up(my g-talk gets auto login on system start-up) with another surprise.....this time also ,as previously, it was my sister, who was responsible for this 2nd one....she wrote a post in her blog on my birthday....."Keep Smiling Forever"I don't know that if she wrote it as a gift or a surprise package for me....but for me it was the most beautiful gift i had ever had in my whole life...... A heartily thanks for this lovely gift my dear sister....I'm not good at expressing my feelings and today also the situation is same.....but once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these two gifts....they mean a lot to me......thanks a lot.....


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