On which DAY they remember YOU...???

So...Happy Friendship Day to everyone..... Actually when I woke up.....I saw the light of my phone blinking and the message was flashing "Message Inbox full....please delete some message" I wondered what has happened to my cell.....then i realised its "friendship day today"..... I was actually wondering that why on this such particular day people wake up to send messages and remember all their loved one's.....to those whom they didn't talked or even remembered them for the whole year....suddenly start sending messages.....start making calls.....or whatever it is..... I'm observing it since a long time...except today, last time when on father's day, some of my friends gave their blog address to see their posts.....and what was all written in it...."Love you dad.....and all such things..." arey if you really love anyone why do you need a day to remember that person or express your feelings to that person.....ok...a whole day is dedicated towards your dad....i agree that its a great idea.....but what about your idea on remembering you dad on all 364 days of the year...how many times did you remembered him???? I'm sure that a you might be receiving wishes from a large number of your friends whom you have not talked for a year and even most of them might have even forgotten to wish you "happy birthday"..... I'll not write anymore otherwise some of you might be blaming me that i have no feeling's for any of you...or i don't consider you as a friend....or i'm playing with their feelings.......something or anything like that.....ok then leaving the topic here only.....bbye.....njoy.....;)


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