RAHUL DHAMIJA {29-4-91 to 17-8-10}

Sometimes you gain something in your life and that moment changes your life..... Sometimes when someone special enters into your life, your life takes a turn and the world becomes all yours..... But when you lose something, you become tensed or feel depressed.....and have you ever imagined if I replace that something with Someone in your life.....Just give it a thought -just for a moment- it won't take much of your time..... That some sort of similar situation occurred to me.....One of my friend Rahul Dhamija got the electric shock in college and lost his life..... Rahul Dhamija(29-4-91 to 17-8-10) We all were not able to get normal even after 4 days of his death, just we knew him for 2 yrs or so...Just try to imagine the loss his parents have incurred, what pain they might be suffering. Imagine the situation of parents who made their son grow for the past 19 years and now they are holding the body their son..... I consider him as a true engineer, always busy with new stuff, we all were here just to praise him for his efforts.....always sincere in his studies and also good in physical activities.....you will never see a bit of revenge or sadness or anything on his face.....always smiling and laughing, enjoying life to the fullest.....The type of person he was...i must say we have lost much more than a friend of our.... Who was responsible??? College Management seems the backbone for the whole incident.....their mismanagement was the reason..... Some of the students already complained in the evening that a loose wire has been observed sparking behind the library area, which might be risky in the rainy season, but noone even bothered to see what's the complain all about.....now when the accident took place, the college administration and heads are giving loose talks about the case..... Mr. D.K.RAI commented that....."Arey gaddhe mein gir ke to kai log marte hain, wo kaunsa amar tha", "many people fall in manholes and die everyday, he too wasn't immortal" Mr. T.R.Kakkar(director of our college) gave statements on many news channels.....where he told that its not the case of electric shock as other students were also present there and they might also have suffered it, And the guy who first tried to him up got the shock so the power supply of the area of turned and then rahul was picked, then why did he delivered such statement on news channel. But he didn't had any answer to that question. Amidst the whole seen, one innocent person was blamed and made to resign Hostel Warden Mr. Anirban Pathak.....people kept blaming him because of what he did earlier in order to maintain discipline among students but what he suffered this time was wrong..... However, one year earlier similar case happened near the water tank but at that time somehow the guy was saved, that also didn't made them learn any lesson, and when this point was raised in front of J.P.Gaur(owner of jaypee groups), he said...."Har saal lakhon log marte hain station pe, tab tum kya lete ho???"..."Many people die at railway tracks every year, what do you do then???" Some news channels are also reporting it as suicide...wtf...?? The way his family was crying was unbearable....... Even the owner Jai Prakash Gaur didn't answered the questions and when asked to apologize in front of whole college and his family for the mismanagement of his college, he started to shout and sent all of us back who were raising questions on stage.....why the hell was he here if he wasn't ready to listen and answer our queries...??? All things are getting bloody business, even the life of students. They say "We all are family".....and when does this ever happened that if any of your family members die and you say the statements like D.K.Rai said...... The worst thing that happened that when we got some hopes for the justice at that time some bastards amongst us went to attend classes....for them the whole incident seemed to be a joke, they were enjoying it as a holiday.....why the hell they destroyed our efforts????? From where did they get so much privilege to destroy us.....????? We want an answer from them too.... None of us were able to believe it till the very last moment, we just had one thing in mind....."We can't let you go brother like this.....we will bring you back...." Can't express the feelings, but in the hospital for the whole night we all tried to console each other and all of us kept crying in our hearts.....I don't know why this happened but this was the second time for me, earlier it was 2 years back in 2008 when i was in 12th standard.....However this time i was more deeply attached to the person, I won't be able to forget the night...terrible.... May GOD rest your soul in peace brother.....We all are with you.....GOD bless you....


  1. It was really very unfortunate.. :-(

    Dhamija was unlike any other.. too good a person to die.. Wish one of the 'buddhas' of our college had died in his place..

  2. I was very proud of our admin. for the way they organised and managed our campus but this incident washed it all away!!
    Its like "Mightier the sand dunes u create its just a huge wave to delineate "

  3. @ayush.....i totally agree with you....he was really an asset to all of us....and no one can take his place in this world.....

    @bond.....nicely said......:)

  4. damn!!! things like this are not supposed to happen to young people.. why dont these guys just lose their license?? this is bloody criminal!!!!!

  5. @How do we know......for me unfortunately 1.75 years more to spend here......

  6. seriously...I guess they should be made to reach there death so that an example is set for others...:(


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