25 years { "19-8-85" to "19-8-10" }

Since the last few days a couple of incidents have took place in my life that has completely changed my life..... One was planned but other was....leave it I'll share it to you later.... From last 1 month, me and my sister were planning to give a surprise party to our parents on their "Silver Jubilee". Initially we faced problem to decide the gifts then somehow we got over the difficulty and bought something for them.....but the main thing was....."We both" reached there, the main problem was that we have informed everyone that we are going there with an strict instructions "Don't dare to inform our parents...its a surprise" so the threat was that if someone by chance...by mistake informed them....then our plan will fail....but by GOD's grace....plan went as expected.....:) The moment of our arrival and the way in which they warmly welcomed us with a mixed feeling of-...i can't explain it in words....-but that was amazing..... The Pretty Couple...!!! :P We went for the lunch(parents, sister, me and cousin brother(from Indore)). Small gathering, but an amazing party.....in the evening, mama came.....another small gathering at home..... and at last....one more.... cya....


  1. @ash and ayush.........thnx....:)

  2. AWW! It is really heartening to celebrate our parents' 25th wedding anniversary especially!Sometimes one can see a faint glimse of shyness here and there :)

    My parents celebrated their 27th last year :)

    I'm your new follower :)

    1. Thanku Jen...
      Pass on my regards to your parents...wish them good luck... :)


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