Since the past few days, my life has changed a lot, just because a couple of events occurred. One was planned, well organized and other unexpected, totally shocking that had a huge effect on everything in my even showed it effects on previously mentioned(which i mentioned as a planned one)..... Some part of me was positively moved and other was totally opposite.....both positive and negative effects took over me and changed me.....Trying to overcome the memory of Dhamija's death and just to change the mood a little bit, I started watching serial.....NUMB3RS.....actually i rarely watch movies, so thought of watching something related to logic and went for this detective serial..... Some of my friends warned me of how addictive all these serials(Numbers, Prison Break, Kyle XY, etc...) i never tried to start them but now as i have started watching them, I got addicted and they are consuming my time(as expcted)...actually you can't actually consider it as a waste of time, but unfortunately or fortunately these guys in NUMB3RS are solving mysteries using logic and mathematics and since the past couple of weeks i have encountered many terms related to maths and different theories(Some i have already heard of and some are still new to me) that I'm wasting/utilizing(whatever you wanna say...i won't object, its your choice) my time searching, exploring and studying about them, for example in the evening i started with Riemann Hypothesis. But all these are getting more and more interesting as you keep studying them lemme tell you in this hypothesis i have to first understand what exactly is Riemann Zeta Function and for this zeta function Dirichlet L-Function........for this L-series...for L-series i searched for Meromorphic and for it holomorphic and so on......So actually the chain was like this in the event Riemann Hypothesis --> Riemann Zeta Function --> Dirichlet L-Function and L-series --> Siegel Zero --> Meromorphic Function --> Holomorphic Function........ I dunno how much deeper i will be going in but this was the deepest one i have reached by breaking a serial in between.....other gaming theory and all were easy one but this is getting really very interesting.....lets see what I'm gonna get next..... Amidst all this i finally realized what was my real interest, so now i have got my stuff to search by in my free Ohh...I think I've mentioned a lot of stupid stuff so I'll stop now otherwise you might soon come here to kill me....but do try to watch them.....atleast once.....if you have any interest in maths......


  1. yokay....
    now finally u have created my interest too.. i guess i m gonna start watching the series soon.. :)

  2. finally atleast i got someone else too to enjoy their time.....Got some more stuff as "SIEGEL ZERO".....look at it.....lolzzz


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