Start Thinking as a TRUE ENGINEER...!!!

Many times you would have planned one or the other stuff about your future.....but how many times you were able to say...."Mission Accomplished"...once...twice...thrice...??? just start thinking as an do we plan to do something and how many times we were able to achieve this time i remember only one thing that somebody told me..."you will be made to work like a slave in your engineering, so that you don't face any problem in your future working for any company...might be an MNC(by mistake...if luck supports)". By the way there's very less hope for engineers, especially only B.Tech degree holders to move ahead successfully. I too once thought to an astronaut or an aeronautical engineer.....but right now indulged in ECE.....and moreover to twist the knife in the old wound, i got this one..... click on the image to get a large view... However, some hopes are still left, but that just reminded me what an engineering student was planning to be a couple of years...and where is he now...ok then, lemme move on to accomplish my dreams.....GOD bless me....lolzzzz...:P


  1. A very good read->

  2. I am about the going to be an engineer and this was my dream ever since my dad bought a PC (1st std i think). After that all I wanted to become was a Computer Engineer...

    1. hmmm...thats really great Nitin...all the best... :)


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