Game Theory Encountered...!!!

Since the day I have started watching NUMB3RS, I have been fascinated by one of the best wonders of mathematics..."The Game Theory...". I wasted a lot of my time in just reading about it, and just exploring the ways which it was used in NUMB3RS.....and it became one of my dreams to understand it completely. And then suddenly 3 days ago I was encountered with the same great theory but totally in an unwanted fashion...I never dreamt the way it appeared in my life...It was in the project management subject which I hated since the very first day, as its part of the "Professional Development..referred as PD in my earlier posts..." which I understood..... But obviously, it was one of the areas where game theory can be applied....infact it can be applied in any of the areas that you can imagine....and in the past few years, a significant number of Nobel Prize have been won in Game Theory itself....Still Game Theory is being explored like the endless universe.....Simply awesome and enormous.....:P


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