My First Sand Painting...!!!

On 6th Feb, last day of our college fest, two of my friend told me that we are taking part in some sand painting competition and I said "OK". Then soon I realized that I was also part of the word "we" he used, actually my name was also been added in the participants along with them, as their team members...What would i have said, I said OK. And then the main issue was what should we draw on a black piece of paper with sand and fevicol(the ultimate adhesive)...considering the theme of your drawing has to do something with nature...:P We then thought of many things, and at last came out with 2 of the conclusions... 1st one was... But soon we realized that we are not on a beach, we are sitting on a tiled floor, with small quantity of sand, and then we thought of something with which you all are very much familiar.... Taj Hotel Disaster.... and then we started drawing, Starting with a rough sketch with the pen, and then moving on slowly adding traces of fevicol on sketch and at last throwing sand all over it, we came out with something like this....dunno what we tried to make, but we got something...Infact this one...:O Feel free to laugh at it...enjoy...cya soon...gudbye...


  1. :D nice attempt.. keep going!!
    PS: i missed this post :O

  2. nyccc work man..neva came to knw abt such event though :(

  3. @deep...thnx... :)
    @rupal...thnx...actually i too wasn't aware of it until 5 minutes before i was told that my name is being added in the participant list, and i'm participating...;)

  4. WOW, this is amazing your sand painting, you should send this to some exhibition etc type place, it will really get a bonus man.


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