Just for a CHANGE...!!!

When you come out of the exam hall, you will find yourself in one of the following categories: 1) Those who have attempted each correctly, and are confident of their solutions, 2) Those who have attempted everything correctly, but they will start crying "I've not attempted anything, didn't knew how to solve any of them..." or so, 3) Those who have attempted full paper, and have done everything to full satisfaction, but they will still say "It was OK types.... :(", because of the fear of friends as none of them have attempted the paper completely and they beat the hell out of you, 4) Those who have done some part of it, but still satisfied, 5) Paper partially attempted, and crying. 6) Not done anything, but fully satisfied... Today after very long time, maybe just for a change, almost after 2 yrs I felt myself in the 1st category - alone...and then got shifted to the 3rd one...lolzz...Although it was a nice feeling that my paper has gone well, and everyone's crying because its relative in college...However, my college is totally unexpected, right now I'm happy, maybe after seeing the marks, I will the one who'll be crying... :P we'll see what happens....cya....


  1. lolzzz... nice categorization :)

  2. @deep....thnx....BTW just as i said about my marks, I got my marks above average....but not fully satisfied...."totally unexpected college......lolzzz....:P


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