Still they're happy, and We're complaining...!!!

We're given with everything since childhood, Still we cry for everything. They didn't got anything since childhood, Still they enjoyed everything. Still they're happy, and We're complaining. We played with the best of our toys, They played with mud. We survived with full care and hygiene, They survived out of dirt and dumps. Still they're happy, and We're complaining. We got the best schools to study in, They labored with their family to build those best schools. We got the best quality shoes, They got our rejected one from the garbage dumps. Still they're happy, and We're complaining. We enjoyed the cool breeze of AC in summers, They survived the 'Loo Winds' in summers. We enjoyed the warmth of heaters in winters, They survived the icy winds in winters. Still they're happy, and We're complaining. We earn thousands for our luxuries, They earn a couple of hundreds for their needs. We waste plenty and still unsatisfied, They can't even save anything and still satisfied. Still they're happy, and We're complaining. We move in the luxurious cars, They move on their bare foot. We get everything we demand, They manufacture everything we demand. Still they're happy, and We're complaining. PS: Did we cried as we had everything, or Did they laughed as they had nothing to cry for? If I keep on making the comparison, then it might be possible that they would never end. It has become the human tendency that more and more they get, the more and more unsatisfying it becomes for them. Just try to look at your life itself, and then take a walk around your area, and have a look at the people working around you at the will find them more happy than yourself..... As far as I think these situations are created in our lives by us, no one from any place came and pour out all the world full of tension on us, we moved ourselves into it. Just think of it once and you will feel jealous of them..... ;) Stop the demand, Start the gratitude. cya :)


  1. still they are happy because they are tough people and we are complaining because we never get satisfied. "Desire - they don't have and we have a lot"..

    1. I guess they have Desire to...but we are more greedy for our desires... ;)

  2. Well said.. life is more about how we take it instead of how it comes to us :) !!


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