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Sunday, February 5, 2012

He's definitely gonna win TTWC...!!! :O

It has been many decades now and Chinese are still dominating this game...they have somehow reached the stage of perfection for this game...

Obviously there hadn't been more than handful of occasions when they have been beaten down in the finals(of any level)...But I've got a gut feeling that this 2year old kid "Jamie" will soon beat them...

Jamie playing with his dad... :)

Now everyone of you'll say what the hell makes me say I right...???

(OOOPPPSSSS...I completely forgot to mention...I was talking about Table Tennis...and TTWC is Table Tennis World Cup...) are your answers...just look at this kid at his practice session approximately 1 year ago...

and now...after 1 year of practice...

The way Jamie's playing his shots is simply WOW...especially for me considering the fact that he can't even stand or talk properly but handles the TT racket so beautifully... :D :D :D

I can assure you that he'll surely win the world cup one day... :P

PS: Ohh lemme make it clear to some of you who don't know me that I'm no great player of Table Tennis...just an ordinary no offenses if my predictions goes wrong... ;)

PS: as I was supposed to be away from this blogging and 'FB'ing stuff for quite some time(busy in something extremely important), but I couldn't wish me good luck... :P

anyways...cya... :P


  1. as they say teach them young.. :)

    loved the video he he heh e


    1. are right...that's the best time to train anyone for anything to their best... :)

  2. I was good at judo when I was kid, unfortunately I became engineer and ended up in something else :( ! Good luck kid ! Interesting post Cynosure

    1. @nitin...hahaha...these types of disastrous events keep occuring in everyone's life...noone knows where their destiny is making them to end up... ;)

  3. Saw that in a news for the first time - the father and toddler were on Skype. The father had the patience to take the little one to practice 3 times a week for whole one year!

    1. @RAJA...I guess I've missed this great news...anyways...still all the credit goes to Father for his dedication and patience... :)

  4. Wow...that sounds terrific to see a kid so little playing his shots confidently. I am sure he would definitely beat a Chinese some day and become a wold champ in TT.

    1. @Elvirah...indeed it is...hope he succeeds...
      thanks for dropping by... :)


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