Why is it so Google...??? :(

Doodle's are one of the best creations of Google...and today's Doodle for Akira...the Origami Grandmaster was another good one...but I didn't liked just one thing about today's Doodle...that why today's Doodle was for Akira when we had the more deserving one...???

I know its almost end of the day and its too late but just one question it was the only question which I kept bothering me for the whole day...

Why there wasn't any doodle for Einstein...???

Happy Birthday Mr. Albert Einstein...!!!
Thanks for your contributions... :)
Its the 133rd birthday of the Master of Physics. Seriously, when I saw a Doodle for the grandmaster of paper folding art...Akira Yoshizawa...I was like WTF...why ain't any Doodle for Einstein... x-(

But now as we can't get any Doodle now, so no point in wasting mine and anyone's time here...

Anyways...one more interesting and a bit boring(for some of you) thing...many of you might not have noticed it...

Today is Pi Day...!!!

The 2 questions that might have popped up your mind must be...What...???How...???

value of Pi is 3.14159265...and today is 3/14(14th March)...so it was celebrated today, i.e., 3/14 at 1:59:26 Hrs...

But we have 3 more years for the Real Pi day to come...it will be celebrated on 3/14/15 @9:26:53 AM...

PS: no hard feeling for the Origami Grandmaster...his contribution was also worthy...But what I felt is that Einstein was more deserving for the Doodle... :(

PS: just hope that next year Google turns up with a nice Doodle for him... ;)

PS: thanks for bearing with me...This was totally "ainwehi/faaltu" post... ;)


  1. You are hell of a mathematician :D
    I had a similar thought..
    how could they miss Einstein ?
    :( sad !

    1. hahaha...Thanks a lot Deepak...I love when someone calls me a mathematician... ;)

  2. oh man , now that is some calculations ..

    Paaji I have tagged you , hope you like it



    1. I tried to simplify the calculation... :P :P
      thanks for the tag...I'll soon get back with the answers... :) :)

  3. Boring?Pi Day? No,not at all or so says a maths nerd :P
    BTW,I am not sure,but I think google doodles for a persons b'day only once. As they had done Einstein earlier,they may have gone for someone not widely known. More or less everyone knows Einstein,but before today I had no idea who Akira Yoshizawa was.

    1. I totally agree with Zach..

    2. me too...but last time it was in 2003 when we had a Doodle for Einstein... :P

  4. It was informative, i had no idea it was Einstein's b'day too ..:) .. keep writing...:)

  5. That was no ainwehi post at all..LOL
    Through this post I got to notice really its a Pi day and the real Pi Day will be after 3 years ..Wow! :)
    And how can we forget Einstein.. :)

    Keep Sharing Your Muse :) :)

  6. I think I remember Einstein's doodle last year, not sure though. But you are right Einstein deserves a Google doodle every year on his birthday.

    And sometimes 22nd July is also celebrated as Pi Day because Pi=22/7. :)

  7. Don't be so harsh on the doodle master :D , if mister einstein gets a mention last year , let others cherish from heaven too !! :-)

  8. i was here..i saw your blog on bloglog..can we exchange links?


  9. I didn't know of this - thank to you !! Glad i read it before the day ended :D

  10. Totally agree with you Sabarjeet.. Google's doodles are always much awaited for and they missed out on Albert E.??? It's so unfortunate..

  11. Good point Sarabjeet!It would have been great to see a creative google doodle on Einstein.


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