What's Really The Purpose of Statement of Purpose...???

Disclaimer: If you're totally free then read the post, else ignore it... :P

Believe me, its still a mystery and its the toughest thing I've ever written...tougher than any of my post...even tougher than my attempts to haiku and poems...and I still don't understand why on earth they demand for this...I've asked a couple of friends who've applied to various universities for MS...but they too couldn't answer my question... :O

On the name of admission procedure...Universities have a long procedure...
1) Application form: It is no less than writing a CV/Resume of our own...They ask for each and every single detail... :O

2) Statement of Purpose (SOP): Again, your whole CV/Resume in words(1000 words).

3) Written Test: No less than GATE...but we've to give it separately...

4) Interview: If you get through the written test, you've to face it a BIG interview which will decide whether you're in or out...

and if you made the interview, then you're done. But first answer these questions for me...They get thousands of applications, so at what step do they read this SOP...??? Infact do they really read all the SOP's...??? and If they use it at the time of Interview, then why demand it with application form...??? Demanding it with the application form shows they must be rejecting some candidates on the basis of SOP, but never heard of it... :O

I know that's too much of queries... :P

I have wasted so much of my time and still it is not perfect...was it really worth it...??? I was just curious about it, no blames towards any University...but just want to know... :O

PS: OK...Don't go by the title of post...It surely has some purpose...that is why every college wants it when we apply for higher studies... :(
But Why...???

PS: Those who're yet to write it, all the best... ;)

PS: Thanks for reading it, I was just sitting idle, no work to do...Holi vacations...done with SOP from my side and have given it to my sister for reviews...LOLzzz... :P


  1. LOL :) nice time and your time has not been wasted :D
    I loved the P:S
    P:S- all the P:S !!

  2. Replies
    1. actually it appears to be long...or maybe i'm now used to it... ;)

  3. Whew..No more applications or resume or interview now ..my college life is over :(


    1. well...u're one lucky fellow...
      soon i'll be joining ur league... ;)

  4. honestly never gave it a thought :(

    1. one free advice from me: dnt waste ur time giving any thoughts if u dnt have to write it... :P

  5. Been in that boat a couple of times...broken my head over mine and then husband's SOPs...urghhhhh...do not want to go down that line ever again...your second P.S. rocks :-)))))))

    1. hahaha...we're of the same league Suchi... :P
      but u're more expernced... ;)

  6. TO reply to your question , YES it is read, Wehn we were appointing people for our indian office we did go through a lot of CV's but it matter how the cv is written a short one page .. maximum 2 pages long is read once which are longer usually went straight into the bin... No one has time to read all that.

    SO one shud be very careful how they make their cv very important ..
    all the best


  7. haha nice...actually ur ques do make sense:p

  8. have been as clueless as everyone else here & you :D
    interesting read

    your indivine vote bought me here :)

  9. Its getting good now.. don't loose hope :):)

  10. http://blog.internshala.com/2011/11/how-to-write-a-statement-of-purpose/

    Check out this. Would be useful :)


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