A Spontaneous Answer...!!!

Yesterday someone asked me two questions, I had the answers to both instantaneously, but later my answer to one of them actually made me think. :)

Friend: "A teacher who
taught you most, yet you hate him?"
Me: "Its Life, who else?"

PS: I guess I don't hate life if it behaves as life, but I sometimes hate it's teaching methods. But what Robert Frost once said, 

"I'm not a Teacher, I'm an Awakener"
perfectly suits what life wants to tell us.


  1. Life teaches its lessons whether we like them or not. Btw, the clocklink is very cute,

  2. that is very well done ..

    How are you doingggggggggg..... :)


    1. Thank you Mann Sahab...I'm doing good. How are things on your end?

  3. It makes me think too... life - it teaches you a lot!


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