Time is not at all a Healer...!!!

All great idioms should not necessary be true. Sometimes they are bullshit also.

Everyone says: "Time is the best healer."

My version: "Time is not at all a healer. With due course in time, we learn to live with our problems. We sometimes get so much used to it that we even forget that the problem exists. But they are never healed."

PS: It all starts with an idiom which builds the faith in a person because of some small random events which we start relating to it. However, when some real situation comes in life, then these things only make a person turn into an ATHEIST.


  1. They say time is a healer because in those situations/moments, there is nothing that can be done.
    It is not about a problem that has to be solved which we might be used to.

    It is about accepting it and moving on which is only possible with time. So I would still stand by it. And it is only with time, event those moments of sorrow can also be overcome.
    Because, once again, it is not about a problem that is to be solved but a situation that has to be accepted so that when you look back, you do not have the same pain.

    It is about the situation that one has to past with no alternative.

    An example would be helpful to understand your perspective :)

    1. Agreed man. Sometimes its just more of accepting a situation rather than getting the solution.
      Thanks Prateek :)

    2. The problem is that sometimes we actually end up being so hard on ourselves.


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