Life's Like That...!!!

HE will keep testing you from time to time and you will see lots of UP's and DOWN's......try to never give up, you will definitely succeed in HIS test.....

Isn't time Running Out

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Titleless this time.....

"Every endless night has a dawning day
Every darkest sky has a shining ray"

How many times it has been with you that you had lost all your hope and you have decided to what you are losing and then suddenly you encounter something or someone with a ray of hope that it/he/she leads you towards your target.....?????

OK...I'm not asking you to share anything with me...but everyone of us someday, somehow has encountered such situation...

you might be wondering that why i'm writing such stuff, but such situations might come into your life just don't loose hope....keep trying....the result will always be in your favour....

PS: I'm not pointing it out to someone's life...just putting something in front of you what i felt....dats it...:)

PS: Hope that the person concerned understands it.....;)



  1. ..yeah true!!
    but who is he/she?? :P ;)

  2. jiska case hai usi se puchna....hw cn i know???


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