PI = 4...??? Trolled... :O

PI...I guess everyone of you is familiar with it...and for those who have never heard about it, then I guess you've missed something priceless... ;)

Anyways...you can read about "PI" here... ;)

Value of Pi=3.14... ;)

Anyways...Today I got something which blew my head... :O

I'm just sharing it here...hope anyone of you might suggest why it is wrong...I know it is wrong...but dunno how...??? :P

From a long time I've been listening to the crap that 2012 is the year of APOCALYPSE...!!! Everything will meet its end...There will be a new beginning of everything on earth...blah-blah...But I don't want Archimedes to be wrong... :O :(

OK...I know that I have hurt many INDIA TV lovers...the best entertaining and the worst news channel where you'll get something which cannot be found or imagined at any other place...but no regrets and apologies from my side...:P

India-TV on DOOMSDAY...(hope you understood why I hate India-TV)... :P

Anyways...I got drifted away from the main topic...lemme come back to it...If you get the reason that why it is wrong, then please share it with me...I'm waiting... :O

PS: My dear sister...any comments... ;)

cya... :)


  1. @puruzzz...yaa sure...go ahead... :)

  2. OMG MATH ???
    i am mathophobic :P
    pi ??? i will PASS that question and like you,, i too hate Indian TVS :P
    but no other go..

  3. @rajesh...but I still wonder how...??? ;)

    @Deepak... :O mathophobic...no problems...I'll catch someone else for it... ;)

  4. first time here
    and wow my first visit and i learn about PI .. nice one :) thank you sir.

    and you are not alone i hate listening to indian news channels tooo .. you can listen to it after a week and they are probably going on about the same news so you dont miss anything ..


  5. @Bikramjit... Its my pleasure that you learnt something from my blog...Thanku... :)

    well that's the beauty of Indian news channels that you can't miss any news...

  6. hmm..thodi brain stroming and thoda google...
    http://qntm.org/trollpi this one gives a reasonable explaination.
    Also read 2nd last remark on http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101203092259AAvDwox (by spoon737)
    Something similar is here http://www.futilitycloset.com/2009/07/21/pythagoras-disproved/

    Rest we will discuss on call..
    Remember that we have to eat papa's head over these two ques..whenever me meet next !!!

  7. Man, I was hoping to comment on your blog and then I came across this post. Though I have seen this argument before I have never thought about it; until, you asked if someone could answer. Honestly, I am trying.

    Well, not to solve the problem but to understand Miles Mathis's explanation. That guy has written so many papers that defy conventional understanding of physics and math. Having a hard time trying to find holes in his arguments. Or, maybe he is right. It's gonna take a while before I can figure that out.

  8. Following up I still believe the limiting process is incorrectly done here. In essence, an infinite summation over two infinitesimal orthogonal distances is not equivalent to an arc.

    Now let's see what Mathis has to say about this.

  9. @kirklops...i'm not saying that you are wrong, but as far as what I've studied till date in limits, according to that, pi can be 4...I think we need to do some more research on that... :O

  10. @deep...I have to think of it again...I don't think I'm completely convinced of the argument...

  11. My first visit here, and I see this. This is the first time I have heard of this concept - it's very interesting. Though I have no answer yet, I'll surely try and find it out. Thanks for this and for dropping by at thoughtful Thoughts.

    1. @jojofeelings...thanks...I'm trying to work on it and waiting for the answer...do tell me if you get something... :)

    2. Hey, just stumbled upon you looking for the symbol Pi and picked yours. Funny it took me a second to see why that argument was wrong, and I ALMOST reposted to a friend. The fallacy lies in thinking you're reducing "error" when splitting the corners. No matter how many times you reduce, the length of "circumference" still outside the circle is the same, just with more iterations. Good one tho!

  12. It is great to see someone interested in maths.. pi = 3.14, this is a great post.. I'm sure you will love this post

  13. Miles Mathis is a woolgatherer and crank who has a website full of cockeyed theories. Please don't be misled by his snake-oil techniques in which he massages the reader's ego by promising that he or she can "correct" the proven theories of any mathematician or physicist, including Einstein, by good ol' common sense and by reading his (Mathis's) website and by purchasing his two vanity published books.
    Mathis, to judge from his youtube videos (especially, "Miles Mathis- Bull") and his bio, is a recluse who never got over once being called a genius when he was in high school and has felt obligated to dabble in painting, sculpture,piano, singing, art criticism, political commentary, book reviewing, movie reviewing, etc., all carried out in mediocre fashion and marred by the same misunderstandings of general principles which led him to think he had discovered pi=4. He never did the hard work it takes to be a mathematician or physicist but yet thinks he has reformulated calculus ( seriously! )and that NASA is incorrect in its orbital mechanics. Please don't buy into his delusions.


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