@My Infy-Buddies...All the Best for your Future...!!!

Everyone of you must have heard that "Time is the best healer"...and "Time prepares you for facing the best and worst circumstances"...

I guess right now I seriously want the same...as some of my best buddies are leaving the college to join Infosys(CS/IT students have to join the company in January)...

I'm not able to imagine that how much I'll miss you guys, and I don't want to imagine either...coz I'm still not able to believe that you guys are leaving... :(

Four years we have been together, sharing everything, consulting, commenting, taunting, poking each other on small-small issues...Making link-ups with those girls whom you avoid the most or found talking to them...Blaming faculties for everything(literally)...and many things that can't be listed here(censored)...The list is infinitely long... :)

Right now, with a heavy heart I can only wish all of you a bright future ahead...may GOD bless you with success...Hope to see you again, have fun...and please be in touch... :)

Rachit Kumar, Arpit Kulshrestha, Sidharth Agarwal, Tushar Tilwani, Sumit Katiyar, Prateek Srivastava...
Miss you guys... :'(

PS: A brief of his last 4years by Rachit Kumar..."My Last Day of Engineering College"... a must read... :)

cya... :)


  1. touching ode to your friends... take care ... hope you all stay together post campus too...

  2. @flying high...thanks for your wishes... :)

  3. hmm.. i can understand the feeling.. i think the ones we meet and stay with, immediately after leaving home are closest to us.. I too miss my frens from Banasthali more than any other frens. And I had hard time when i came to Pune.Hostel and people looked so different :(

  4. This is just the beginning..Ahh! I remember the phase, I used to cry when each and every friend of mine left..Now I'm immune to all that..you will be too, dude..Just remember to keep in touch with all those who matter and let them go with a smile on your face :)

  5. @deep... :'(

    @Ana...Thanks a lot...and the best thing...till now I've been able to send them with a smiling face...(not considering my situation when I'm alone in my room remembering them...)

  6. Back in days I thought just the same as you. That I will miss my best friend for years. And I couldn't even imagine my life without her. But now the time passed... and I feel nothing. We almost don't contact and I don't even miss her. Maybe it's because our lives separate complete (while i was finding how to improve leadership skills and get better job, she was finding for a husband to make babies as fast as possible.


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