Some of the options I have/had...!!!

I have been wondering for a long time what I'll be...??? What will be my identity after couple of years...??? How on earth I'll be leading my life...??? What will I do to fulfill my basic needs of food, clothing and shelter...???

If I go through the options that I've considered since my childhood, it will be a long are the options that I've considered in their chronological order...:

1) Aeronautical Engineer or maybe an Astronaut...

2) Mathematician...A meeting withProf. Karmeshu was the most motivating one for me...but couldn't continue with it...It was too late...

3) Maybe a Cartoonist...but that needed creativity...and all of them were copied once...few more of them...

4) A programmer + A scientist + etc...etc...etc... :P

5) Then I came up with a lot of options on my can have a look at it... :P

6) Sand Painting...I didn't thought of it as an option...but I tried it once...and it was horrible... :'( :P

Anyways...recently I got something more for me...I too was stunned to see my skills...lolzzz... :P

Here are some of them... :D






and last but not the example of best timing one can ever have... :P


PS: Suggestion and comments are invited... :P

cya... :)


  1. U r loaded with skills,it seems.Luv all the clicks.Luvly!

  2. as Christi says,you are gifted with skills :) you are damn innovative and different !
    loved and enjoyed the post !

  3. @Mykitchen Flavors, Krishna and Deepak... thanks a lot... :)

  4. Beautiful post and so well written. You are agood photographer too ! glad I found your blog. you can find me at

  5. Wow you are natural photographer :)

    well we can be good at many things
    but its important to know what we like doing the best and then we do the best in that :)

  6. @srivats...thanks...
    I guess u r right, but these days it's a big challenge to get into the field in which you're actually gotta be the best of the best to step in any of them... :)

  7. beautiful pictures. lovely and clear and sharp photos. :)

  8. you're multi-talented! that sand painting was quite awesome! and your photography all so beautiful and natural capture! keep doing the things you do! :D

  9. Artistic !!! Specially liked the 2nd pic ...


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