Missed it, Really...???

Those who have tried their hands on poetry must be knowing that sometimes how tough it is to get the lines and words in their right place. In layman terms, you can say bringing the lines together which end with the rhyming words and complementary meaning. I'm saying this, because I've written some of those poems and obviously got some harsh comments, like "You call this a poem...:O" :P. However, some of them by-chance, praised my poetry too...hope they really liked them... :P Anyways, couple of days ago, I came across a poem, and technically speaking, that was simply wow... ;) OK...now you must be wondering how can a poem be "technically wow"...have a look at it first... ----------------------------------------- John Knox was a man of wondrous might, And his words ran high and shrill, For bold and stout was his spirit bright, And strong was his stalwart will. Kings sought in vain his mind to chain, And that giant brain to control, But naught on plain or stormy main Could daunt that mighty soul. John would sit and sigh till morning cold Its shining lamps put out, For thoughts untold on his mind lay hold, And brought but pain and doubt. But light at last on his soul was cast, Away sank pain and sorrow, His soul is gay, in a fair to-day, And looks for a bright to-morrow. --Anonymous Courtesy: Futility Closet ----------------------------------------- Did you notice what was unusual in that...??? . . . . . OK...Lemme answer it...The whole poem, i.e., 4 stanza or 16 lines, are without the vowel "E"...Missed the point na...??? Me too... :D Have you ever written something like that...??? :D PS: Anyways...wasn't that really "wow" types...:P PS: Whether you agree to it or not, but its really tough to write so much without all the vowels...especially in poetry form... cya... :)


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