Being: A Haiku...!!!

Being fake,
whom you cheat? Self only.
Be yourself.

By being
you, what you fear? of
being lone?

You won't be.
There is someone, a
special one.

Special one,
will come at the right
time, just wait?

Just wait for
your perfect one, you'll
get surprised.

Written for: Haiku-Heights(part of The April Heights Month)

PS: Why to change yourself for someone...Let the one who likes "True You" be your special one...Obviously living a happy life is only by understanding the true being of each other and compromising something for your special ones...but why to make anyone your special one by changing yourself...???
Let them become your special one, then let the change come'll love it... :)


  1. Lovely..lessons of life..better times beckon us..of course..

  2. i completely love this..

    the first haiku is intense!!!!very very true!!
    and the entire set is awesome.thanks!!

    this is longest haiku set i guess!!! :)

    keep going!! :)

  3. Absolutely true... Something most of us forget..! Very well written... love the first haiku a lot! :)

  4. Being is all about knowing yourself and respecting what you are! Lovely series of haiku!

  5. Nice thoughts... I have one for you ~

    Tulip blooms
    in spring, not winter;
    Be yourself

  6. Similar to what I wrote ~ love your versions of 'being yourself' ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  7. Certainly, Cynosure! There is that someone waiting to emerge! It's written in the stars! Great haiku write!


  8. Good advice. People would be happier if they learned that when they were young.

  9. Very nice... as if i was looking for these words only.. ;) .. Thanks cynosure :)

  10. Exactly.. well said! You can change for good but like you said.. "let the change come gradually.."

  11. Very inspiring, all haiku are just great.

  12. Being true to yourself is the only way to be. Being anything short of that is just a waste of time!

  13. A very nice story....Yes, we should be ourselves....

  14. Perfect. love the message you convey in those lines. Love it...

  15. perfect one happens in STORIES :)

    nice one sir..

    being fake does not help but you have to meet so many fake people to get the tru one .. such is life


  16. so true in human nature being false to protect yourself form life's emotional roles coaster, it is hard even with the most innocent intentions to not do this as some point. You've a keen sense of what humanity feels!


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