Mesmerize: A Haiku...!!!

Jihaad or killing in
the name of GOD? mesmerized
I saw the twins fall

Written for: Haiku-Heights(part of The April Heights Month)

PS: A tribute to those who died in 9/11 Twin-Tower attack... :'(


  1. So meaningful only in 3 lines, with least words. I couldn't think, mesmerize with this angle too.

  2. That was the one sad incident that took place,americans learnt their lessons, and we are yet to..

  3. You have thought it well.. a different angle here..lessons to remember..

  4. I loved the contrast here. mesmerize i used to connect to something wonderful and facinating..ya i stood hypnotized too,,,

  5. Out of the box rendition of this prompt... very true... the incident always hovers a sense of darkness inside!

  6. Lovely!
    No religion encourages violence!...Its just people have gone mad...

    Sweet escape

  7. Wow!
    Again you are with something so different ! :)

  8. 2 see tons of steel concrete being razed down is indeed mesmerizing albeit a gruesome one, hw can God ask sumone to seek revenge on his behalf...Al-Qaeda is indeed an institution of madmen.....
    As far as d Haiku is concerned wat can i say..three powerful lines.. :)

  9. awesome haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. any war that kills innocent people , and is targetted towards innocent HOW CAN THAT BE JIHAAAD...

    in the attack more outsiders died then americans itself ...


  11. Jihaad? Killing in the name of God?

    I think most of us here would call it a cowardly act of murder. The word I would use to describe how I felt as those towers came down, bringing our way of life down with them, is stunned. I was stunned with horror.


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