Clarity: A Haiku...!!!

Life: An unbiased
reflecting mirror of all
our good and bad deeds.


We create our own
future; a lucid and well
ignored fact of life

Written for: Haiku-Heights(part of The April Heights Month)


  1. Beyoooooooooooootiful Haiku... I lovvvvd it!!! Terrific!!! I can't decide which i liked better! Well done Sarbjeet... :)
    Shower of rejuvenation - A Haiku

  2. Very wise from a young mind like yours...keep on the good work sarab..

  3. Loved the concept with complementing pic...

  4. Enjoyed your haiku and they both portray some true facts of life. Thank you.

  5. Such wisdom and photo so appropriate ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. I like that mirror...very nice set ~

  7. Beautiful set!
    Yes, it's true that we ignore some known powerful facts of life! and take them for granted!
    Fuddling thoughts

  8. Well penned...the ideas as expressed and the images. I particularly like the second haiku.

  9. "We create our own
    future".. Very true!


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