Kismet: A Haiku...!!!

When nothing works, just
leave everything on kismet;
wise or stupid move?

Written for: Haiku-Heights(part of The April Heights Month)

PS: @all...due to bad internet connection, I've not been able to keep in touch with many of you...will try to get back soon...thanks... :)


  1. Times when believers of designing their destiny fall in a dilemma!!! When thngs dont work out.. A life-long debate!
    Very nice...

  2. Sometimes its best to leave it up to fate :-)

  3. STUPID move.. for i thoroughly beleive that fate helps those who help themselves and work hard..

    If nothing works .. dont lose heart.. Get up and work harder


  4. I don't know if it's surrendering to kismet or maybe just going with the flow?.. Sometimes it's the best one can do.

  5. There is wisdom in that question. Great take on kismet.



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